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Going Green

Do you want to reduce the amount of mail you receive? Account View offers you a simple way, with the option to participate in the eco-conscious effort of turning off your paper statements, prospectus and  trade confirmations. In addition to the environmental benefits of going paperless, you can organize and simplify your life by eliminating clutter and unnecessary mail. Rest easy knowing that your information can be found securely in Account View.


  • Convenient - Easy and fast access to your statements, with the ability to save and print.
  • Green - Play your part in the effort to protect the environment.
  • Simple - All it takes is one click.
  • Organized - No longer a need to store and file your paper statements.
  • Safe - Advanced security protects you from the possibility of mail fraud and identity theft.

To sign up, click on the Go Green Meter on the home page or go to the Statements tab and click on Go Paperless.



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